The Niccolo Spirit

Niccolo is a collection of contemporary urban chic hotels with the most desirable, highly prized addresses. At heart, we are discoverers and re-discoverers of luxury experiences, styles and tastes. While our hotels are modern sophisticated spaces, we also value the timeless pleasures of impeccable hospitality from another golden era in travel. Underpinning everything we do is the desire to make life effortlessly luxurious.



We take our name from 13th Century explorer and trader Niccolò Polo (father of Marco) whose epic 20-year adventures opened China to the world. His life odyssey not only connected East to West, but also brought ancient and modern worlds together, opening trade between continents and dialogue between many different cultures. A discoverer, business leader, entrepreneur and global ambassador, Niccolò Polo and his remarkable exploits epitomise our brand spirit.



Niccolo is inspired by the undeniably seductive appeal of the luxury retail experience. With its exquisite merchandise and beautifully crafted, ever-changing spaces, luxury retail is all about creating irresistible desire. Intoxicating and gloriously indulgent, it is the ultimate aphrodisiac for the senses. The experience overwhelms, excites and delights in equal measure.

Highlights and Offers

Mooncake Collection 2016

This year, Niccolo Hotels offers a selection of glamorous mooncake gift boxes, each containing delectable and traditional mooncakes. All of our unique custom-crafted mooncakes and gift boxes are ideal choices for enjoying at home with family or gifting to business partners and friends.

Light Rose Garden

5 August - 9 October, Chengdu: Consisting of 25,000 beautiful LED white roses and 2 eye-catching pink-red roses, the rose sea glows every night at CDIFS Sculpture Garden.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Niccolo Chengdu is delighted to introduce the "Light Up Your Rose" package. Book now for a romantic getaway.

Fish For Your Perfect Deal

What a catch! This summer, Niccolo Hotels has the perfect catch for you – enjoy core benefits plus an additional offer that suits your needs. Reel in this exciting offer before it swims away.

Niccolo Chengdu

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