Marco Polo Hotels believe in recognising the support and loyalty of our guests and members. It is this belief that Marco Polo Hotels offer the award winning DISCOVERY programme which appreciate this valuable relationships.

DISCOVERY – is about making your stay and travel unforgettable. Exploring behind the scenes and beneath the surface. Experiencing unique activities in authentic local settings. And receiving recognition across all Global Hotel Alliance Brands in their hotels, resorts, palaces and spas.  
We invite you to embark on the Marco Polo journey of Discovery!




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The journey of Discovery begins - In collaboration with over 30 other established independent Global Hotel Alliance hotel brands, Marco Polo Hotels bring to our guests the "Marco Polo DISCOVERY" guest recognition programme. The programme is about making your stay and travel unforgettable, offering you the opportunity to explore behind the scenes and beneath the surface.

Marco Polo DISCOVERY is more than a membership - it’s your window to the world.

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The Marco Polo DISCOVERY Programme is designed with you in mind. As a member, you are invited to a world few travellers get to experience. Our knowledgeable teams will help you discover local culture in a way that you may not have before. Whether you have a couple of hours to spare on a business trip or wish to explore a destination through local eyes on a weekend away with the vast array of Local Experience rewards to choose from, there is something for everyone.

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Reaching Platinum! Stay across Marco Polo hotels and alliance brands to experience preferential treatment and earning of Local Experiences.



You are the elite! Experience the ultimate in guest recognition and enjoyment of true pampering for each of your stay.