Xiamen is located on the Southeast coast of China and is famous for its beautiful seascape. Tourists are highly recommended to shop for some local delights like tea leaves, fruits like sugarcanes, olive and longans and various sea products.

Xiamen’s economy runs on tourism, foreign investments and primary occupations like fishing, ship building, tanning and textiles to name a few. It has always been a major trading port and was also one of the earliest special economic zones of China. Climatically, Xiamen enjoys a sub-tropical climate with mild weather year round except some months when it might suffer a typhoon. Recently, it was voted as the 'second most liveable city in China'. With its natural wonders and historical monuments, international standard golf courses, Xiamen comes up as the ideal tourist city.

Lobby Lounge

Marco Polo Xiamen

Marco Polo Xiamen is situated in the centre of the city with an exclusive lakefront position and views over the city skyline and harbour. It is located near Xiamen City Hall, Cultural Centres and all the major tourist attractions. The hotel is also 15 minutes from Xiamen International Airport.